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Get the Most Out of Your Digital Marketing

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Core Competencies 

Digital Marketing Strategy

GingerBranded Marketing provides comprehensive digital marketing services to help businesses grow online. Our strategy focuses on increasing website traffic, generating leads, and boosting brand awareness.


Our content creation services help you achieve your marketing goals and include blog posts, social media updates, infographics, and videos. Our service helps establish your online presence and thought leadership and drive engagement and conversions.

Digital Advertising

We offer custom digital advertising services (Google Ads, social media, programmatic) to drive traffic, generate leads and increase brand awareness aligned with your business goals.

Your Data

Digital data analysis is a core offering and we start by collecting and processing data from sources like your website, social media, and advertising campaigns. We provide insights on key metrics like website traffic, engagement, conversions, and customer behavior to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing Consulting

Our consulting services provide expert guidance to improve your website's search engine ranking and launch successful digital advertising campaigns. We use data-driven insights and continuous optimization to drive growth for your business.

Hello, I’m Danielle!

I'm here to take your Digital Marketing to the next level!

I’m a dynamic marketing leader with over 13 years of experience driving growth and success for top brands. With a proven track record of implementing impactful strategies, I’m known for my expertise in branding, digital marketing, search optimization, email automation, communications, and advertising. My ability to combine creative thinking with data-driven insights has resulted in successful campaigns and satisfied clients time and time again. Whether you're looking to revamp your brand, increase your online visibility, or drive conversions, my skills and experience will help your business reach new heights. Get ready for a marketing experience like no other with Danielle Wasem at the helm!


What People Are Saying

I was lucky enough to have worked with Danielle as HomeWell’s Digital Marketing Manager. Danielle changed the digital marketing landscape for our franchise system by encouraging each franchisee to have a formal digital program and educating us on the importance in order to succeed. Danielle used her expertise and professionalism to walk us through the vendor vetting process. Her hand holding was crucial to an agency that did not have any formal experience. In addition, she would consistently follow up with us on our satisfaction and recommend new ideas and initiatives that we continue to use and will for years to come as part of our overall marketing strategy. Danielle was a pleasure to work with and I know she will positively impact any team she works with in a major way.

Lou Romano, CEO - HomeWell Care Services

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